"My expensive antivirus couldn't get rid of a trojan that  kept
reappearing in every scan.  You managed to remove it in a snap and
now my PC belongs to me again."  - Ann G.

"Everything runs perfectly now,  Before to load my personal settings
took like 5 minutes, now its instantaneous.  I don't think you
understand my appreciation, thank you, My computer was getting
worse exponentially, I even started getting French ads. I feel a great
burden being lifted from my shoulders." - Jake

"Another company wanted to charge me $250 to reformat my computer.
You  found the  exact problem and corrected it.  Plus, I didn't feel like I
was getting ripped off. - Ron Kalish

"Thank you for single-handledly fixing my computer problem.  I am
indebted to you. " - Tasha

"I was completely lost.  Your help is much appreciated, especially with
all the extra tips you offered.  I don't know what to say, but you da'man.  
I feel like I conquered an evil spirit in spyware. " - Martha Elroy

"You saved me, yet again.  Where do they find professionals like you
and what kind of file was that?  This one was the toughest infection to
get rid of yet."  - Dave
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