About Us

Our principal is a recipient of the prestigious
Microsoft Most Valued Professional award in
Windows Security.  This award is given to an elite group of individuals  who
demonstrate an expertise in one or more Microsoft products and display a
willingness to share their knowledge with other MIcrosoft users .

The company owner has coauthored two books on Windows Security:
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Located in Briarcliiff Manor and serving Westchester County , NY                  
Secure Computer Solutions will help you maintain a healthy and secure
computing environment.

Today's computer infections represent a new breed of malware that is often
resistant or not even detected
by most antivirus and antispyware scanners.
Removing these tenacious infections is where we excel, and it is included as
part of our  
Our Basic Service.  We also provide software to keep your computer
fortified and well protected, to help you
keep internet intruders and threats out.

We offer an ongoing maintenance plan so we can monitor and secure you
system for threats and intrusion attempts.

We offer a rapid response time and reasonable rates.
About Our Business