•   Virus and Spyware Removal

  •  Rootkit (malicious hidden program) screening

  •  Security program updates (Windows, Java, browser)

  •   Installation of protective software

  •   Removal of nonessential startup programs

  •   Hard drive clutter clean-up

  •   Unused program removal
Our Basic
What's included in our Basic Service
Secure Computer Solutions has extensive experience:

  • Troubleshooting all Windows platforms using both
    Windows built-in and third party analysis tools

  • Determining whether a problem is hardware or
    software related

  • Examining and interpreting relevant logs for intrusion
    traces, network activity, and system errors

  • Resolving problematic issues on compromised

  • Detecting and Removing all traces of malicious
    programs using the most advanced and current
    methods available

  • Recommending best practices for maintaining a
    secure environment

  • Providing advice on the top performing and most
    cost effective Security Products as determined by
    independent testing.