January 08, 2016

A FIX for Start Menu & Search Box Not Working in Windows 10

Today My Windows 10 Start Menu and Search Feature stopped working.

 I never had this happen before and there are a number of fixes listed on the Web, that may or may not work for you, one of which involves rebooting into safe mode from MSConfig.

 None of the fixes worked for me so I created this very simple fix which is easier and quicker than any that I've read about. Best of all, it doesn't require booting into safe mode!

How to Fix a nonworking Windows 10 Start Menu and Search Box 

1. Press the Windows Key and the "R" key simultaneously to open a Run Line 

2. Open a command window by typing "cmd" (no quotes) into Run line Open: Box, then select OK

3. At the command prompt, type "shutdown -r" (no quotes) and then hit <Enter>

4. Your computer will reboot and your Start Menu button & Search Function will be working again.

 Very Simple and it works!!



November 16, 2015

The reason why the Windows 10 1511 "Cumulative Update" Takes so Long

The Windows 10 1511 November 11th update takes as long to install as Windows 10 itself!!

The reason for this is simple. When Microsoft does a Major Upgrade to Windows 10, also known as a "Cumulative update" or "Feature Upgrade" - it is actually reinstalling a full copy of Windows over the existing one.

 In Microsoft's own words:

Windows 10 release types and cadences

Although Microsoft releases flight builds to Windows Insiders, Microsoft will publish two types of Windows 10 releases broadly to the public on an ongoing basis:

  • Feature upgrades that install the latest new features, experiences, and capabilities on devices that are already running Windows 10. Because feature upgrades contain an entire copy of Windows, they are also what customers use to install Windows 10 on existing devices running Windows 7 or Windows 8.1, and on new devices where no operating system is installed.

  • Servicing updates that focus on the installation of security fixes and other important updates.

Microsoft expects to publish an average of two to three new feature upgrades per year, and to publish servicing updates as needed for any feature upgrades that are still in support. Microsoft will continue publishing servicing updates on Update Tuesday (sometimes referred to as Patch Tuesday). Additionally, Microsoft may publish additional servicing updates for Windows 10 outside the Update Tuesday process when required to address customer needs."

When Windows performs a "Cumulative Update", it retains all your files and settings and only overwrites the Windows operating system files and components.

That is why it appears to take as long a a Windows 10 install - because it IS a Windows 10 install!!!

 Those of you who have upgraded to Windows 10 from a previous version of Windows, have already experienced this lengthy process. It is a bit scary, and I have to say I was thankful, relieved and delighted to finally be greeted by the Windows 10 Logon screen, after the whole ordeal was wrapped up!

August 27, 2015