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February 2011 Security Windows Update Release

On this "Patch" Tuesday,  February 8, 2011, Microsoft released 12 Security Bulletins that address 22 vulnerabilities in Microsoft Software.

For more information, refer to:

The Microsoft Security Bulletin Summary for February 2011

This Helpful Chart from The Internet Storm Center uses its own graphical color coding system to categorize the severity level (Patch NOW, Critical, Important, Less Urgent) of each update.

An Update to Security Advisory 967940 was included in the February release to retire the Autorun feature in older versions of Windows.  This feature had been excluded from implementation in Windows 7 specifically because of its ease for exploitability. For example, Autorun worms like Conficker spread from removable media to a host computer via the autorun feature.  With this update, autorun will no longer be a conveniently exploitable avenue of attack.  

Breaking up the Romance between Malware and Autorun cites compelling statistics derived from MSRT data, to prove why this is a significant and vital security advancement in the fight against malware.

The Malicious Software Removal Tool (MSRT) was updated to include detection and removal of :


A malicious backdoor trojan that sets up shop in a compromised computer and is  remotely controlled by a command and control server that it stays in contact with through remote communication.  Additional infected files may be download through this remote connection and information about the host may be also be reported back through it.

The Technet article, Another Round of Bots for the MSRT, describes the Cycbot MO in detail and puts it in perspective as an "intermediate" type malware. that redirects your browser to sites where new threats (mainly FakeAV's) can be installed.


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