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A FIX for Start Menu & Search Box Not Working in Windows 10

Today My Windows 10 Start Menu and Search Feature stopped working.

 I never had this happen before and there are a number of fixes listed on the Web, that may or may not work for you, one of which involves rebooting into safe mode from MSConfig.

 None of the fixes worked for me so I created this very simple fix which is easier and quicker than any that I've read about. Best of all, it doesn't require booting into safe mode!

How to Fix a nonworking Windows 10 Start Menu and Search Box 

1. Press the Windows Key and the "R" key simultaneously to open a Run Line 

2. Open a command window by typing "cmd" (no quotes) into Run line Open: Box, then select OK

3. At the command prompt, type "shutdown -r" (no quotes) and then hit <Enter>

4. Your computer will reboot and your Start Menu button & Search Function will be working again.

 Very Simple and it works!!




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