Blocking Unwanted Parasites with a Host File
Automatically prevent your web browser from navigating to suspect websites by installing the award-
winning MVPS Hosts file.

Dare to tread? If you are unsure whether a website is safe or ready to drop an exploit on to your machine -
you can use the following two sites to help you make a more informed decision. Just plug in the
questionable domain's url and you will be presented with a verdict on the website's trustworthiness.

Note: Some stealthy threats can bypass a firewall by piggybacking on to the ports that are assigned to
legitimate programs.  The Linkscanner program can stop many of these threats.

Learn how SpywareBlaster can prevent the installation of potentially unwanted programs (PUPs not warm
cuddly ones, unfortunately) from automatically installing on your computer.

Let Scotty the Pooch (a good pup) patrol the critical areas of your system, and prompt you for approval
before any changes are made

Secunia Security Inspector
A single quick scan with this very convenient tool will tell you whether you system is current with Microsoft
patches,  and identify  whether you have insecure versions of common programs installed that are
vulnerable to exploit.  If the latter is the case, it will then assist you in updating your software to current
and more secure versions of these standard applications.


FREE Online Virus/Spyware Scanners

Many antivirus vendors offer online scanners that enable you to get a second opinion on your systems bill
of health.  These scanners are not intended to replace your installed antivirus but allow you to check on
whether your AV is missing any threats .  Here are some online scanners with excellent detection rates.

Additional information and free protective resources